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isim olarak;
ecloga => passage poem
conmeatus => come-and-go passage leave holidays vacation furlough
transgressio => breach violation going across passage transposition transition
transitio => going by passing over passage infection contagion
pervium => passage thoroughfare
praetervectio => passing by riding by passage thoroughfare
traductio => transferring public disgrace translating repeating passage course
traductus => passage
transvectio => carrying transport transporting crossing passage journey
travectio => passage carrying transporting crossing journey removal
traiectus => crossing passage transference remove
commeatus => supplies provision victuals leave passage furlough
trajectus => crossing transference remove passage
caulae => sheepfold opening Hole Pen cote passage
caullae => opening Hole Pen cote sheepfold passage
vea => way highway road highroad passage street
via => road way street path journey passage
accessus => access approach admittance admission passage going round
egressus => departure going out exit leaving egression passage
exitus => going out departure close exit result passage
porta => gate port door gateway entrance passage
excerptum => extract passage fragment
itiner => journey march road path passage
  • noun rare
    The act of passing; transit from one place to another; movement from point to point; a going by, over, across, or through; as, the passage of a man or a carriage; the passage of a ship or a bird; the passage of light; the passage of fluids through the pores or channels of the body.
  • noun
    Transit by means of conveyance; journey, as by water, carriage, car, or the like; travel; right, liberty, or means, of passing; conveyance.
  • noun
    Price paid for the liberty to pass; fare; as, to pay one's passage.
  • noun rare
    Removal from life; decease; departure; death.
  • noun
    Way; road; path; channel or course through or by which one passes; way of exit or entrance; way of access or transit. Hence, a common avenue to various apartments in a building; a hall; a corridor.
  • noun
    A continuous course, process, or progress; a connected or continuous series; as, the passage of time.
  • noun
    A separate part of a course, process, or series; an occurrence; an incident; an act or deed.
  • noun
    A particular portion constituting a part of something continuous; esp., a portion of a book, speech, or musical composition; a paragraph; a clause.
  • noun obsolete
    Reception; currency.
  • noun
    A pass or en encounter; as, a passage at arms.
  • noun
    A movement or an evacuation of the bowels.
  • noun
    In parliamentary proceedings: (a) The course of a proposition (bill, resolution, etc.) through the several stages of consideration and action; as, during its passage through Congress the bill was amended in both Houses. (b) The advancement of a bill or other proposition from one stage to another by an affirmative vote; esp., the final affirmative action of the body upon a proposition; hence, adoption; enactment; as, the passage of the bill to its third reading was delayed.

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