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double » çift

Anasayfa » İngilizce Türkçe çeviri
sıfat olarak;
çift => double dual twin even duplicate binary
çifte => double
ikili => binary dual double bipartite duplex duple
iki kişilik => double
iki kat => double twofold duplicate
duble => double
iki yüzlü => two-faced hypocritical two-sided double double-faced disingenuous
iki anlamlı => ambiguous equivocal two-edged backhanded double
zarf olarak;
iki misli => double doubly twice as much twofold two times
ikişerli => double by twos in doubles doubly
isim olarak;
dublör => stuntman double understudy stand-in
koşar adım => double double-quick double-time
kopya => copy replica duplicate carbon copy duplication double
benzer => similar like parallel analogue look-alike double
ikili bahis => double
fiil olarak;
ikiye katlamak => double double up double back
iki misli yapmak => double
dublörlüğünü yapmak => double stand in for
katlanmak => endure suffer bear put up with undergo double
iki yle çarpmak => double
katlamak => fold double fold down crease drape tuck
iki rolü birden oynamak => double
bükmek => twist bend curl curl up flex double
iki katına çıkmak => double redouble
eğilmek => lean incline bend bow stoop double
yumruğunu sıkmak => double
ikinci işte çalışmak => double
ikili oynamak => double two-time
koşar adım gitmek => double
iki enstrüman çalmak => double
  • adjective
    Twofold; multiplied by two; increased by its equivalent; made twice as large or as much, etc.
  • adjective
    Being in pairs; presenting two of a kind, or two in a set together; coupled.
  • adjective
    Divided into two; acting two parts, one openly and the other secretly; equivocal; deceitful; insincere.
  • adjective Bot
    Having the petals in a flower considerably increased beyond the natural number, usually as the result of cultivation and the expense of the stamens, or stamens and pistils. The white water lily and some other plants have their blossoms naturally double.
  • adverb
    Twice; doubly.
  • verb
    To increase by adding an equal number, quantity, length, value, or the like; multiply by two; as, to double a sum of money; to double a number, or length.
  • verb
    To make of two thicknesses or folds by turning or bending together in the middle; to fold one part upon another part of; as, to double the leaf of a book, and the like; to clinch, as the fist; often followed by up; as, to double up a sheet of paper or cloth.
  • verb
    To be the double of; to exceed by twofold; to contain or be worth twice as much as.
  • verb
    To pass around or by; to march or sail round, so as to reverse the direction of motion.
  • verb Mil
    To unite, as ranks or files, so as to form one from each two.
  • verb
    To be increased to twice the sum, number, quantity, length, or value; to increase or grow to twice as much.
  • verb
    To return upon one's track; to turn and go back over the same ground, or in an opposite direction.
  • verb
    To play tricks; to use sleights; to play false.
  • verb Prinount
    To set up a word or words a second time by mistake; to make a doublet.
  • noun obsolete
    Twice as much; twice the number, sum, quantity, length, value, and the like.
  • noun
    Among compositors, a doublet (see Doublet, 2.); among pressmen, a sheet that is twice pulled, and blurred.
  • noun
    That which is doubled over or together; a doubling; a plait; a fold.
  • noun
    A turn or circuit in running to escape pursues; hence, a trick; a shift; an artifice.
  • noun obsolete
    A person or thing that is the counterpart of another; a duplicate; copy; (Obs.) transcript; now chiefly used of persons. Hence, a wraith.
  • noun
    A player or singer who prepares to take the part of another player in his absence; a substitute; used especially of a person who resembles an actor and takes the actor's place in scenes requiring special skills; as, a stunt double.
  • noun
    Double beer; strong beer.
  • noun Eccl
    A feast in which the antiphon is doubled, hat is, said twice, before and after the Psalms, instead of only half being said, as in simple feasts.
  • noun Lawnoun Tenounnounis
    A game between two pairs of players; as, a first prize for doubles.
  • noun Mus
    An old term for a variation, as in Bach's Suites.

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