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core » çekirdek

Anasayfa » İngilizce Türkçe çeviri
isim olarak;
çekirdek => core kernel nucleus seed hard core stone
göbek => belly core navel belly button umbilicus heart
öz => self core essence substance quintessence extract
iç => core within refill intestine stuffing guts
dolgu => filling core inlay fillet stuffing wadding
meyve göbeği => core
fiil olarak;
göbeğini almak => core
içini çıkarmak => core gut empty
  • noun obsolete
    A body of individuals; an assemblage.
  • noun Minouninoung
    A miner's underground working time or shift.
  • noun
    A Hebrew dry measure; a cor or homer.
  • noun obsolete
    The heart or inner part of a thing, as of a column, wall, rope, of a boil, etc.; especially, the central part of fruit, containing the kernels or seeds; as, the core of an apple or quince.
  • noun obsolete
    The center or inner part, as of an open space; as, the core of a square.
  • noun
    The most important part of a thing; the essence; as, the core of a subject; also used attributively, as the core curriculum at a college.
  • noun Founoundinoung
    The portion of a mold which shapes the interior of a cylinder, tube, or other hollow casting, or which makes a hole in or through a casting; a part of the mold, made separate from and inserted in it, for shaping some part of the casting, the form of which is not determined by that of the pattern.
  • noun Proverb Enoung
    A disorder of sheep occasioned by worms in the liver.
  • noun Anounat
    The bony process which forms the central axis of the horns in many animals.
  • noun Elec
    A mass of iron or other ferrous metal, forming the central part of an electromagnet, such as those upon which the conductor of an armature, a transformer, or an induction coil is wound.
  • noun minouninoung
    a sample of earth or rock extracted from underground by a drilling device in such a manner that the layers of rock are preserved in the same order as they exist underground; as, to drill a core; to extract a core. The sample is typically removed with a rotating drill bit having a hollow center, and is thus shaped like a cylinder.
  • noun Computers
    The main working memory of a digital computer system, which typically retains the program code being executed as well as the data structures that are manipulated by the program. Contrasted to ROM and data storage device.
  • noun Geol
    the central part of the earth, believed to be a sphere with a radius of about 2100 miles, and composed primarily of molten iron with some nickel. It is distinguished from the crust and mantle.
  • noun Enounginouneerinoung
    the central part of a nuclear reactor, containing the fissionable fuel.
  • verb
    To take out the core or inward parts of; as, to core an apple.
  • verb
    To form by means of a core, as a hole in a casting.
  • verb
    To extract a cylindrical sample from, with a boring device. See core{8}.

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